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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  July 13, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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do he remd y anne? w abt clderom the huhbacof not dame. much more where that came from on the sideshow. we begin with mitt romney's record at bain. msnbdavidorn is wasngto burehieff mherones mazinendheutho of shdown rickyler h skesm for gingch a t ggricsupe pa winng our future. gentlemen, new details about romney's role at bain post 1999 continue to drip out today. various news oanizions report thaccorng t t teimon he gave the masshuses balt comss in 2002 romy connued t atte boa meengs r buness acqred bba, including staples. this comes after reports from david corn in mother jones and yesterday th boston globe showed that romney was sllhe ceo bai tough 02 acrdinto s.e. filis. why ishis imrtan ll, waseginng i 199 thatain vestfful mpanies that were pioneers of outsourcing according to the
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washington post. there's some evidence that romney's standing has taken a tcent. ke aookthe lesteal clr policsvera opoll obaas a.5 pnt ldver romn now todathe romy cign haily ranged interviews with all the major networks. rick, your campaign, your guy, newt gingrich brought this up in primy se and hwas iticed, ngri s. mae romyouldave en beer serdf ts waully tigad in therimaes a no the genalelecon. i tnk that's probably right. it was not fully litigated. it wasn't fully understood in ct. givehe rney mpai an enmousmounof edit theyonhearment by aackiitt mneyas tackg fr enterise not ue butt waomint rrate an whe day. but there's still the same questions that are out there and obviously, these questions have taken romney offis meage, whicis jsnd back oba's econy.
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back oma'story is tt we'rstuc a8.2% ere' a $15 trillion debt. today the h is reversing weare refmf bil clinn. dav rn, youe bee all overhisstor expln to somne w haseen ha payg atttion t signican o 19ersus 2002. >> in some ways, it's a phony distinction. but in some ways it n't. that whye're litatinnd fitingver it. ter '9 bn mad som instmes inerta comnies at we iolve in ouourcg jso in india, mexico. mitt romney is trying to basically claim that he wasn't involvedith those sort of cisis. even though he sll oed the mpan eve thohe stl nefid fm thacoany, evenhoug he the comny onhat th,e's tryg to serate himlf fm the paicular deals. there were some bankruptcies too inompanies that happened after that stage. so that's why he's trying to make february '99 this brit
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line but had a sry out stery, chae tha h bai in'98 en rney s ahd oft inveingn a chinese manufacturing company that was making money off u.s. companies outsourcing jobs to them. even prior t this '9 bght linetherare ls o pblem bai the arlotsf proemsith hiown psona finces wh of sho comnies it'surnin into a big mess. that's why we won't see much in terms ofax returns. i can tel you, i'm getting stuff in or the tranm, ts he andere. ere jusa weth, p inndeda weah oaterl keeookit inerms o in dls a roey's pernal finances and there are questions of whether he even didn't tell the full truth on many of the disclosureorms he's filled out. >> gentlemen, on c ts moing,resint oma sd a x tack on roey'secor
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at bn we apoprie. >>o not think it disqualifies him, but i also think it's important if that's his main calling card,f h basi prese i tha ir. fiit o the ecomyecau i de a l o ney, ihink it ntiry apppriao loo at that record and see whether in fact his focus was creating jobs and he successfuy di th andhen uook ahe rerd, ere e qstio ther >> ricko yo tnk t ts all oositneseah orieed? it's coming om chicago, that the obama campaign has been sitting on these things for quitsomeime? ked a dfere mann, do u thkad youndide, wt ggriccontued wn t pathe wa hdedn the prary,hat u t wldave ttenere. >> wl, ain, thin weost the argument about attacking free enterprise. but these things were known back in january 15th. i went on one of the suny shs an tked authe
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s.c. fingsnd the constencs th. yoknow it smed loto do out thing en. is m see to l to d abtnothg. les ju talk pure politics here. what the president is successfully doing is obviously, he does not wanto talk about his record. heoesn hav a recd to r on th're ing thhis ing th bn anit's g t dia' atntio the romy camign -- i hop he es. 's sposeo ce out at 6:00 tonight and address this. i hope he does in a way that he can put this finally once d all behind him. ulmate, th votsave to dede wtherhis a loto do aut nhing or wther i mes methg. bu tnk mt roey gs is bind hi hcan shi ba to the pridens dismal record on the economy and jobs. >> michael, i can tell you -- >> look the reality ishat you're pointing out, the pridengot errie js rert rentl ande've n spt thlastenaysocus onthat th nrati haseen driny the in ise. le me shoavidorn someing. yesterday a romney campaign
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adviser gave this explanation to politico for what his bo's leetwe 9nd02. roey wasn t s.c. filgs beusee wastil thnicly th own b hn't tnsfeed nersp tother rtne. desibedim a technically the owner. well, onef the boston globe reporters who worked on the story yesterday explained the coradiion between what the romn cam is saygnd wha th're portg by a numr of tlethas coved. re it . >> the gbe andther rorti is n singhat he s ihe booom a daily basis at bain calling the ots. but certainly that his records showhat wasn chge,e d legrespsibity. washean witersit sponbili for thecoany. how n yetirrom a mpanin 19 but the remn at president, ceo and chairman? i think that's one of the discrepancies what we were porting. that's really the crux of our storynd romy peop, the did k foa coecti. th're n getng oecau
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i an, the hav't beeble to sw tha any ofur rertinasincura. >>vid, it'n exanatn he on behalf of governor romney that he had to go solve a crisis. that it was unexpected foreseen tt heould havo inveimse pbabl a bad wordoicegetctivn t olymcs wn th wern distss therore,ou know se detas li ts beme secondary. >> well, you know, he had the option of saying, i departed, it was chaotic and it tooks two or three yeao so this ou that nothat he'sayi. 's sayg tha hadothi do- whe i w theirst to porthat sigd cumes, heigneth. wastust thahisame was ere. he signed documents that enabled $75 million deal to go through. thiss months after he suosed lef t mpan decredt h fanci sclore fm, il ha t storup in aut an hr or s dut t lin on m ttter fe. but he signed a financial disclosure statement saying that
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in no way -- not in any way was he involved in baiperaons ter brua 9. t, tre a exales aga d agn ofimigni rerds. now,hat' beiinvoed. i'm tayin hsunni thgs dayo-das t bton globe guy said. but he was involved. but the thing, again, is he's not going to be able to put this behind him. my sry yesrday abois chese deal iesti in a chine coany at's benetingrom u.sourng, ere e gogo be lsf thesothe dlshatill instiged. i got to tell you, mike a lot of this is not coming from chicago. that wasver the transom f somebody who is interesten loingt s.e.ilin abo tt rney d i delop it self so, uow,he omaampan ceainlwantto g thi up. you can keep a hundred reporters busy from now until election day just going over mitt romney's financial recor and bn dls ani tnk rks righewt ngri is ght ck th, thers a emenusiabity for e rublin pty her
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thatas ner fly elore backhe thehad chance. rick tyler, i want to ask you about the permanence the bain attacks. allow me to show you what paul, an aisero t serac ckinobamsays there. he tolpotico "baiill ner goaw,ver. weay en run a ainstain aftethe ecti. itewer dn't define clinton. he was running on other issues. barack obama didn't run for presidenas the jeremiah wright candidate aeorgw. bh dn'tun o hervi inhe naonaluard t roey ia ontric po. e oyalli car has f e psideysis timn buness has s chf asset, that meaning governor romney, now turned into a liability? >> clearly, t lialityn the st8 hour iisageit my frnd,avid co, beuse tnkomne can pu thi behd him. myopest 6:0tonit h willut ibehi. his surrogates and his campaign, he can answer questions satisfactory to the american people. i think once that's done, then
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oba hano way to to trea it. th nartivehatbama wan isit for them st vers mayot carbout this theyant tnow that whoever their next president is does have a real plan for prosperity, a real plan to return jobs and alof this other stuff is sort of a deshow. e pridenhas en ccesul ikweeting a b queson mk abt rney o this ise. alhe ho do iave the esti marathe mginsn a w swgates. what romney's job is to do, barack obama has nothing to run onxcept mitt romney's record. hean'tuniswn rerd. soe h to ctinuto distct. e chlengfor t mt roey- >> tyle howo you - >>hank you,ick ler. thanyou david corn. condoleeza rice for vice president? there's a lot of buzz that romney is considering rice, but is the rney campaignust okinto cnge e sject aw fro bain at'sahea thiss "hdbal" thplacfor liti. ing ne. the entyilli llarbp cmitt ing ne. hahelp nd enomi
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re's sprisg nuer fm thpoll yestday,hatave esident obama a seven point lead over mitt romney. when asked which candidate would do aetter job haninghe onom --hat y beore iden thathe ama mpai's aacks on romn's cordt ba maye woing. 'll rig bac volatility. ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 in times like these, it can be tough to know which ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 way the wind is blowing. ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 at charles schwab, we'reeady with objective insights about ttd#1-80345-50 the esenmark and ecomicondi. tt: 1-0-342550and n he turthos into ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 talk to chuck. ttd#: 1-800-345-2550
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> weome ck to "haball thdrud rept had an eyeow raing adli las nigh th conrvateebsi kno havclostieso the romy caaign rorte tha a surprise vp choice emerged as a front-runner. former secretary of state ndoleeza rice. a feweeks ag rice diver aousipeect a gatring ofig mey dons tt wa eete entsiascally pele ithedien. e cries aruckad of litil risk mostignicants he timn the bush white house and some of her views on social issues that
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don't ji with the conservative base of e replicapart for ampl she pro choi. e fa tha is comg o nownd fro ddge h led my to wonrhat' gngn her extly. ndern i political reporter for the washington post and robert costa a political reporter for national view. thi aiveron t tak atteion awa fro bnhere th iueppea t he gaeredractn in t lt coup ofwes? it' ctain turduto be we're talking about this story that the romney campaign drew lotsf suspicion from folks here inashiton a eptism. is ia wato dert atntiofrom wha eryon has been tking aut ts ek, inrevetionitt romn's taretus. so it certainly worked out that way too. i think another point to be made is here was aeek where mitt romney went befo theatiol sociion cored peoe d wa boo an se wa it notecesrily coindent thadayster, h
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comeout wittoryr his campgn ces o wit a story where it seems to be that they are vetting very high-profile african-eric a in som wa senng the sigl tt t reblic par is ncluve on whicis a mesge weedo se to depeent ters >> bert cserviveger, eric ericsson was quick to dampen the speculation when he wrote, i don't know o is hitting the crack rock tight inhe rum milut conleez rices p aboion. e woed f grgeush for ght ars. uldonseativ lk pt thsoci posions tt she has, most notably on the choice issue, because they'd be thrilled to have a legitimate neo n shing at tick? i tnker i c i rit. yondhe dg refences ever sineomne soue i'v spen wh toy ha thrn cold wat on thimor. thay romney is running his veep search like a consultin projt. he's meticulous, tim pawlenty,
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paulye andre par ohe finalist condiseing fated by ose whwento t uh trea opleho fou hpeec to fansticnd ty'reuzzi toports. inside of that boston high command, i don't think condi is a short lister. let's say s was an outside ck like you id. i thk soal conrvates uld ve seonces the y ma a snk a the coenti intamp the cld causa srn the flr. bu ihink therusttion towa the predent i so strong that even though romney promised he would pick a pro life candidate for vp. ife pic somne mdly p choi asice desibes hersf, ihink thenger towasheresint wou stilgive conrvateocia listoutoheolls i november. >> nia-malika. dr. rice found a supporter on fox. sarah palin says she likeshe id. >> ihinkhat cdolea ri wod beondeulice esidt and cerinas mor exrien thaour sitng esidt do toda
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i would certainly prefer presidential and vice presidential candidate who had that respect for all innont, precusurpoful han lif and swedhat rpect v ing a pro le ndide. weeedo remeer, ough at it'ot theice esidt that would legislate abortion and that would be ngress's ro. and we'll keep tt in mi. >> nimali, th wou be terpted thring e lo balldon'you thin thisoulde le a pin pic inhe 12cle. if anytng, ieeen anticipating that mitt romney will do something very conservative, not politically conservative, but very conservative in termsf the seleion. >>hat'righ thincertnly t ostcize the engelal se wch i so iorta in rmsf engy. i taed tsome top evangelic evangelicals today and they were talking about this idea that it could be cdoleeza ri, becae of her sncen lohlt
5:19 pm
's n evetoay the woul't sw upthe lls. buthere woun' bener, the wodn'te tiren thelly ofhe evangelicals. it would send a signal to them and remind them of their rervations about romney around e issuefabti. i thk it' ry,erynliky anihink engelalsn som wa havbeenn toh whhe mney camignxpreing eir sappntme witthisid. again -- >> michael, real quick -- >> hang on aecond. i wa you to see ts. gornorike ckab tod sa it uld a bigista foromn to pkondoeza ce. tch is. i tnk rneyould hav a al proem because of her weakness on the issues, such as satity of life. romney hasromid that he ll have apro-feice present. at w a pmise thae ma ringhe cpaig bause i was eressasd. ythi lesthanat, i thi u'reoingoee a lot o coervaves- >> reaffirm their dous
5:20 pm
about -- >> it would be a disaer. >> hey, rob, this cates a lot of bu. do an entuaelecon o a tim wlen oobrtma tn lookoringy mparon? >> sure. of course it's boring compared to condoleeza rice. i think romney is comfortable with boring. he's running int steady campaign, not excitable atl. i thihe itial resnse to condeezaice'pro choe view is not entely accate ou h t conrvate ba wod reond. youea her memoir. first of all, she's a notre dame graduate, went to a catholic high school. she's family oriented though she does not have a fily of r ow sherewpn a strg hoehol strg pares, taug herll. sh h are stootell theyike conds story. theyon't think she'll be picked but like her story. she could craft a narrave that would appeal to social nsertive i thk yore ght,omnes lookg atomeomieste,
5:21 pm
evanlica somne cfortle wi these. you ve pawlty. thonly thi agast rtma his bush experience. they bring the same person a to the cket. >> i think you're right. nia-malika hendson, rob cost than. >> sarat a bih, poticis whlookikeisne charters that nexon tsideow. you wano flow me o twitr, y ndo figure out how to spell smerconish. you're watching "hardball," the place for politics. aarty [ sic ays,ecorskip] , m neensure clear. clear, huh? my nutritional standards are high.
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> ba to "rdba." now r th sishow firsofhereas n shortage of outrage when the republican governor of maine blasted president obama's health ca plan saying "you must buy hlth insuncer pay t new gesto, t ir" that rig hitl's sret poce ding thelocat.
5:25 pm
he plater apologized but talking with a lal reporter, he swived fm bking offo ubli do. >>hat i'm tingo ss at tolocstas a hoificrime agast humity d,frkly,ouldev wt to see that repeated. maybe the irs is not quite as bad yet. >> so youe sayinghe irs is heed in t decti ofhe geapo? youave sensofhat t stapctuay didurin rld r ii >> yh thille a lot of people. >> the irs is heading in the direction of killing a lot of people? >> yeah. >> are you serious? >>es, veryriou >> jt asncrelouss tha dio st, no surise t duo usedore uoarnd the goveorssue a new apology for his "insensitivity to the word gestapo." that seems like an dersteme. asoon theords cam out of
5:26 pm
ri sanrum rdsn mch regain mt roey a hlth re rerm, we kw itould co bacto be him dow the ne. whyould we put someone off who is uniquely, pick any other republican in the country, he the rst publan i the untr tut u agastarack oba. >>antom wn iow thi weeknd aocaleporr aed hiabou thole wst reblican argument. and here's what he said. just because i said he would be the wors person to square up against barack obama inn election doesn't mea tha he uldn bearette tha rackbamaf heas elted. ere'a he satch f you. at a w t sethe staor ntor's first campaign event for mitt romney scheduled in pennsylvania this weekend. team romney may be floating the name condi in theearch for a vut iwasnoth mberf thbush 43 tmhat had roey's bkast ght. di cheyostea furais fothe ndide inis he ste of wyoming. in addition to the contingent of
5:27 pm
donors, there were protesters on the scene. accoing to the l. time one man arin a dth ver mk he a sn wi an row inti the dirtion of chey's hse tt sa dinr onhe tinic. another one said 1% towards the golf complex and 99% toward the grand teton niona park. any ctur? no the eve was clod the prs anone psiblreass thhene lefffic wit % appval rati. a snahot ofhe d migot be the best selling point. finally, ever watched a classic disney movie and said, hey that character reminds me of somee? we, tholkst the huingt posdid som matcps. t's ok a som highghts l pernalieside. rneyfrk,ook fis lk ale, think goofy but loyal compion, how about mr. smee from peter pan. l thcongssman needs is at hat andt's a deal. sar pan,e've seehis
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portity pas judent on his n rordn a intview with crlie rosn cbs. th predentpokebouthere he's fallen short during his firsterm in office. >> the mistakef myirst cole of yrs w tnkin thhis jas just aut ttinthe poly rig. and that's important. but the nature of thiffic is alsoo te a stoohe ameran pple tha ges tm aense o unity and purpose and optimism, especially during tough times. >> mitt romney then h oma with thistemen resint oma bievethat miionsf amicanhaveost theimes,heirobs d thr lilihoecau he faed ttell goosty. ingresint i n aut
5:34 pm
telling stories. being president is about leading and president obama has failed to lead. no wonder americans areosin fah inisresincy. joing me nows docrac sttegyteve nnnd my fath at 0. ro agan. ron, nobody better than the gipper who was able to do that which the president acknowledges he's been unable to do inis rst uplef yes iofce. yourhougs? >>ll, the mht b vaety easo why hs bn le thauccefult tling history as he put . yo canlwaylame the staff. of course, there mht be personal reticence on his part. george h.w. bush was fousl avse t usi ti-rd. it mht bhat tepubcans t thwhit hou ohe fense. yoremeer wn he de the callnsamain len a annoced ate had gotten bin laden in a low key kd of way. the republicans immediately jumped on him and aused h o kingicto lap a
5:35 pm
poticing. mig be at t mia is not vingim eughredi for teing etoryhat he has told. i don't disagree that he hasn't done a good enough job but n enough credit for telling a story. when the president comesutnd sa we ss ts bi andere e a lfhe gd tngs wi do, it dsn'take t ne theay theresint i a mmunt an goi toive --y the way, ieari a funny hat. that tends to lead the news. >> steve mcmahon, he did a good job telling stories in2008 a ems hav lt the mo on bstaive tter let' gthroh aoupl o em. althare. ere s thista in mmunatiorelave to hlth re? >> i think the republicans got out and framed it effectively duick. exaini tthemerin pele a theenefs of heth ce form frkly,nef th oer tngs thehoulhavexplaed how althareeforsartl abt heth ceeformut also ptly getng america on a better track financially and economically because health care cost wrs dragging down our
5:36 pm
econy an our enomy c'te rongnd scessl inhe fure i tha wer t coinue onof t tngshat i thi theyidn' dnoug of is coecti theots. th're artio concthe do w. th did a lot of telling people what they d. they didn't do quite as much telling people why they did it anwhy it was important a w it matredoeverne. i tnk tt'sesso - >>on reag,ould y puthe to bailt ohisistf bstaiveatte wre t pridencoulbe tin cret ansegbetter? >> yes, absolutely. he needs to talk about it. would we rather not have a gm or chrysler heren thunit ates wod wathehose job dn'txist anore? s, heedso bw hiorn abouthis bue alseeds to not jt ta abo his sto and wre wan toake e country and the good things that he managed to do. helso needs to tell the opposition's story. the publanarty n h thoughumpethe ark. ey a ripfor dicu a tire bara oba oug toireome
5:37 pm
ysrom t hvard lampoon, stick them in the basement of the white house and have them nothing but writing jok about tt rney. you uldn mak thi stuup >>teve mcmon the pside don't t cdit for a t cut thate warespsiblfo i ink anoer gatxamp, i mentned he o "hardball" a couple of nights ago, where he's not sold it. >> he hasn't sold it. republicans are blocking it. they don't seem to be paying a prictal u're aoluty righ theconic this th hs ne, somdegr peoere awar , buthey don aays ve aosite impssioof ose thin. he hasn't been as effective as he'd like to be about telling a story why they matter. in detroit, they have gm today and an auto indury. it'smporntor arica t mahing pele uerstd th. 's iorta f manactung joto bin ts cntry and nojustn cnandindi pele undstanat. bu conctin tseots is something that politicians, knot just barack obama but many politicians have trouble doing. they're very good at yinghat
5:38 pm
ey d. th're ry b at metis arculang w it matrs to folkandhy folhoul ce abt itndppreate it mo. predentbamacknoedge hi otory pwessurin t 2008 campaign and how things ve changed since then. watch. >> when i ran,verybodysaid you n gi a gat eechut ca you actlly manehejob? in mfirs two ars, i tnk thnoti waou ow, hs be juging danaging a lot of stuff. but where is the story that tells ushere he's going? i think th was a litime cricis >> r rgan, iart o t oblefor e predenthat itasie to conol the meage whe y'rehe caidat everne lks tu. but wn offi, y hav pofolio with portfolio come lots of surrogates. now both in the white house and outside the white house that it's hard toanag themeage? t se extt tt is coect. t yoveot t bly ppit also the esidt don't see t ve uerstdrom theet-g
5:39 pm
at you have to be a salesman too. telling the story as he seems to indicate in this interview is rt othe b. i an, isn jus bei techcratnd gtinghe pocy rht. i me, y can kinfire opleo doat. but u're the lder. u iedneed to lead and tell the story. you need to inspire. i think he gets that now. ani he wee seeoref it duri the caaign wtould he heearn fr yrathe inhisrerd? gettg hi mesget, tling his ory? yo fatr wa so effective in this regard. >> again, you have to be the salesman, you ve to keep being the salesman. take the health care ll, y ha to prsell,ay ts is wh we' gngo do a ts iswhy. en y havto sel ihen 'shapping. aftetheegistionsses u cat op. you have to continue telling people, this is why it was a good idea because the other side is going to be trying tond it the oletime heasn'een as aresse as
5:40 pm
he nds tbe i tt gard >> sve mahon qck fal queson i i ght. is the a pitic dnsid t th president acknowledging to charlie rose that he's been ineffective in ts regard? you heard the response from mit romn. >> actlly n't thi the isolitaldoside the cld b a policalp side one thehingith the priden is his psona appral rati, t w peoe el aut as aerso is mu hier, frankly, than his job approval rating. one reason is because of what you just saw. he's notomeby like the previousresidentnwilng t adt a miske or er conser aositn. he somody os thohtfu ansomedyho thisbout the thgs a lrns fm em a hopully tes to imovd b a better person and better president tomorrow than he was yesterday. i think that's a sign of maturity and it's one of the reasons that pple ally real wanbara oba to ccee evenhoseeopl - thau,teve mahon >> tnk you. tha yoeech thanyou,on agan. xt,hat'ext r pen state in the wake of the sandusky report?
5:41 pm
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e're ba. e iestition io th pen statsexbuse sndalrovid answs yterd aboho kne whatnd en. but it also prompts further questions, including will more charges be filed and on the minds of every studt, staffer and n of pn ste,ould t acpunis the sool by nninfootll fear o re? miael ikofisnbs naonal iestitive rresndenand dy staples
5:46 pm
is a senior writer for, the srts illustrated website. michael, tre's qui fun i statcoege. hea fmisters on t dio,eoplwho olizoe ternfor dadesavin a ve difcult te now dersndinthis latest news. >> absolutely, michael. the disclosures relating to paterno re the new in thi frh rert. ternknew is eeadle ther he kw aut 19, he followed the investigation into 1998, he was kept apprised of it. and then whent ces t 2001 he w mor invved than had knowdged so iwas ignicancf 1998 ist cas who newight on th eves tha mcqueary initiated in 2001 when he goes to see paterno and tells him about what he had seen in the show. it'she secd hued fg
5:47 pm
d ioth ces pn ste offials,nclung pateo, coved it up andhink that's what's so disturbing here and so problematic for paterno's gacy >> tre'slso,icha isoff, anety,'m re, as theutur othe ftbal ogra >> ablute. anhat reay ishe next shoe that could drop here. you go back and look at the letter that the ncaaent to pe sta bacinovemrhen thisirst --hen sdusk was arreed at's vytron and poiednd ask vy tou quesons aut wha kind of institutional controls that penn state had over the figur of the football program and also whetherenn ate offials invoeddher to a nca by-ls, iludi tho requingthic a honty ere'onehatpecicall cid in that letter about moral values.
5:48 pm
and the need to uphold moral values when you are teaching young people. no you kn, tre'seen lotf bacndorthbout whetr th naoulde styingutsi i leere causof t tragresons didn speficay iolve the athletic program or people participating in the athletic ar contt of tho peoe tt the ncoste to pntate in noveer,t's car the rectn th're adin pe sta said we need time to answer because we're waiting iffer in results of our interl investigation. >> and tt's over >> t repts n in. an pen sta cfirm t me todathathey e n goi t prare orma spon. inact, the ncaa saiesteay theyant fmal reonse they now expect one. and they're also going to be hiring a special council to deal with this sue. ere'no dbtbout how he th isor pn stat $5 milon yea forhe
5:49 pm
footll pgram. ye, re. head >> l me ask aystaples. i want to show you what buzz bissinger oteday. thhecomieaso of footll wld bcanced. stain f the iocen plers ught u in t monstrosity, the answer is easy. release them from their scholarship commitments to penn state and let themo eewhere witht th norl piodf hang tsit ooryear at w the wldote pushedor t ssf othe. es tt ma seno yo >> no nn ste is n t onl pce this could have happened. football is a huge muibilon llarndusy iolle athlics. e 20 to 21cadecye, $7.2 million of income that year. that's a huge business. so they'reot gng to do that.
5:50 pm
let's just get that out o t wa theye nogoin to vuntaly smane th fooall prram. bu remeer, is cld he haenedt a pce lik alama. is cld he haened at a ple li auburn. this could have happened any place where football is king. football is king in a lot of places. this als cou havhappedn corpate eric thouldaveapped anherehere y havmillns dolrs floing arou. becae pele gnto per anhey nt t kpheir posions. alwa askeoplo tele if joe paterno, tim curley, gary shultz, graham spanier, any of ose guys had gon to polen 2001woul penstathave pledootbl in 20? yes,hey wld have ey wen't doi it trote thfootllogra ty we dog i trote the own jobs. while penn state would have played football in 2001, there was a good job those guys would ve bn of a jobn tha scanl. >>'mot sure patno h gon i 20, h wod nohaveeen whout a job. tak is slitlydiffent.
5:51 pm
i comn t same side of the fence as staples. paterno has passed. sandusky is in the slammer. curleyndhult are bng prosuted guabpani soo wl be prosuted and oseho we cpabl in is a gtingheir jusdue. don'wanto s t merchant and state college who makes money because heoes ll o satuays causof ftbal suff becse tt wod se fundentay unfa. >> a ihink thas ectly thissu thauppoers pe sta are goi to raising here. but on the other side of the coin, you're going to get people saying if the ncaa doesn't act inituaon lik tsfter spificlyting,rember its byls aut ethsnd tegry a mal vaes, whe it gng to act? in enrcing those bylaws. here you have the most senr officials in chae ofenn
5:52 pm
stat proamy the o inteal rorts fding clrly jor lses the. >> no doubt about it. >> i think that's the question. if they don't adre, en wl th. >>dersod. ank u foyour coribuon. > wh we retu, alle to nishhy ie a hypriteo ge upt ov theade in chi ympic uniforms for team usa. you're watching "hardball," the place for politics. lasteasowas'r
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let me finish tonight with this. opening ceremonies of the london olympics are just 14 days away. as you probably hear contversnowurrods the ralplaurnifosf tm usa. smshat ke mh ofur clotng, enifoser mad chin at hause quite a reaction especially from politicians. >> today there are 600,0 vacant manufacturing jobs in this cntrynd t olyic coittees outsrcin t mafacting nifos to ina? th i n jusoutreous 's jtlain . ani'mal on the olympic committee to reverse this decision and make sure that american aletes competing in the olyicsre cpeti wh belshat s me inamica. i tnkhey suld tak a eifor, phem i a b pilend burthem art lr agn. ifhey ve t wea nothing but a singlet that says usa on it painted by hand, that's what
5:57 pm
they should wear. we have people in the ttile instryespeteorjobs >> t majity leer's wor e dwing sporthilehe ympicommtee d rah lauren are drawing criticism. ralph lauren says they are privilegedo be the outfitter of the lonn 12gas. ralpaureas in t 28 summ ges in beijg. and thimes ption of the clhingere nufauredn cha. lo, i get the emotional pull of what leader reid says. but i'd be a hypocrite to join in thisause me looat mown belsday. eaier day sai desned inranc andade in pe. pan no ronia. the shoes, made in italy. my sport coat, canada. same as my t-shirt. and my tie i fm fran. oxer we mad in the sam ple ashe u.s unifms. ina. e on thi i'meari mad ameca i m shir
5:58 pm
th andy pocket sqre which was made in manhattan. unless my selections are unusl, i sugst iwe want thteamo try rrese amica,e let theear othi likthe res o. de allver e glal onom for y w digree ty ca to thepa in the fire that senator reid wishes to set for the clothing. that's "hardball for now. "politicsnation" wital sharpton starts right now. . >>welce to "litinati." i' a sharon. toght'ad, t queions coinueor mitt romney. late today mr. romney gave interviews to fiveifferent networks includi nbc i an fort t dfusehe corovey ov bain capil. foyearomne haseen sayg he ltainn 99 a tha he uldn be blamed for the thousands of workers laid off by bain in the years aft that.
5:59 pm
his 11 fincialepor ss que, hretidromain capil o fruarth, 1999. quote, since february 11, 1999, romney has not hadnctiv le wh any bn capal titynd hasoteen iolve in t oratis ofny bai pitaenti in yway. romney signe this document personally. but toyew iormaons ergi thaells aery diffent ory. builng o wha wearn rliethis we,ocumts giveto a massachusetts commission in 2002 show romney still had full ownership in at least six bainntits whi he s intah nagi the olymcs. d th cmissn fnd romy wastilervi on the boas of comnies that had


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